After a long, long, wait
Santa Cruz County Place Names
is back in print!!

The definitive book about Santa Cruz county is now in print and available from us!

Santa Cruz County Place Names joins its companion publication Monterey County Place Names (published 1991) as a Kestrel Press publication.

Monterey County Place Names is currently out of stock

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We're pleased to announce the return of the book that Sandy Lydon called "the single most important book ever published on Santa Cruz County," Donald Clark's Santa Cruz County Place Names complete with corrections and revisions based on the author's notes, along with an improved and expanded index, 21 maps, a newly-formatted analytical glossary, and over 1700 individual place name entries.

This new, revised edition of Santa Cruz County Place Names (paperbound, $32.95) is available at well-stocked bookstores and gift shops in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

You can also order either title by visiting our online store at (where you will also find autographed copies of Monterey County Place Names and a first-edition copy of Santa Cruz County Place Names.) If you want to search directly for Santa Cruz County Place Names use its ISBN, 1880478021; you want the new edition (the older edition will be a lot more expensive and lacks features found in the new edition.)